The Joplin restaurant features a menu of inventive mac and cheese dishes and will celebrate the holiday with all-day specials.

JOPLIN, Missouri — Mac and cheese lovers, get ready, because the cheesiest day of the year is coming up on July 14. And for mac and cheese fanatics in the Joplin, Missouri area, National Mac and Cheese Day just got better.

Joplin-based restaurant MacCheesy’s is a mac and cheese lover’s dream, featuring tasty twists on this American classic. The restaurant features 18 deluxe mac and cheese varieties, including Traditional, Buffalo Chicken, Taco, and Burnt Ends.

The restaurant’s creative mac and cheese flavors caught the world’s attention earlier this year when the MacCheesy’s team went viral with a TikTok video featuring its Deluxe Mac & Cheese Milkshake. Though it was an April Fool’s ploy, given the variety and inventiveness of the restaurant’s menu, the concoction didn’t seem too farfetched.

To celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day, MacCheesy’s is giving out coupons for buy-one-get-one-free deals. On July 14, any guest who buys any size or variety of a MacCheesy’s mac and cheese gets a small mac and cheese for free.

“National Mac and Cheese Day is almost here, and we’re ready to help you celebrate with all-day specials,” said Sherif A. Magd, owner and founder of MacCheesy’s. “If you’re in the mood for some of the best mac and cheese around, check out MacCheesy’s and celebrate your love of all things cheesy, with a wide variety of options that will satisfy any craving you have.”

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